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Cross posted to my journal specialeffects and primalvisions

So, I try to post pictures of costumes that I do as often as I can in my own and my company journals, but I never really post any of my side/solo work which does not directly concern the company.
I thought i'd take a moment to show you a music video I did a little while back.

The crew was just myself and a guy called Daren, (a local FX guy, most known for working on Life Aquatic.. really nice chap). We also had a gal makeup volenteer doing some work to keep the actors happy and refreshed, and also to apply some traditional beauty makeup and learn some stuff from us.

The music video was for "MURS & 9th Wonder" And was titled "Murry's Revenge".

The video can be seen below:

It was based off the old Nintendo game "Mike Tysons Punch Out". A list of some of the boxer characters can be found HERE

We worked on the followng characters (basically all characters requiring makeup):
Bling Hippo
Baller Bull
Sorta Popinski
Mic Tyson

You will see their game counterparts if you look up the Wiki entry I linked to above.

I worked a lot on all 4 pieces, but almost exclusively on Baller Bull and Mic Tyson. Tyson was really pretty damn good if I do say so myself under the constraints we faced... the guy looked nothing like him. I did him last minute on set during filming in about 1-2hrs with some basic tools and face putty.

All three of us put in a lot of hard work, and the video is pretty cool. All done in... a day I think it was. Well, one day of prep in the studio, one day of on site application, sculpting from scratch and filming. Busy busy. I don't remember if we went back the following day, but I don't think we did.

I learnt a few things. Firstly.. i'd never used the putty before, although it worked exactly the way I had expected it to. It was a budget shoot and we wanted to do it cheap and quick - but I think i'd have done it different had it been my choice (this one was Daren's call). Very heavy on the actor's faces and had a habit of melting under the lights. However it did the job, and was something we could just wing on set if needed. I'll definately be carrying some in my kit for future works... just not so much. ;)

I also have a commercial and some film projects I need to post when I have time. But for now I hope you enjoy this!
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Date:November 4th, 2007 05:59 am (UTC)
Wowsers, that was nifty-cool! Keep 'em coming!
Date:February 17th, 2013 03:40 am (UTC)
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