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Server back up! Jul. 1st, 2007 @ 09:48 pm
Okay, our web guy got in and replaced the physical hardware for the server. The web page is back online! It's amazing how hard it was to get access to the physical site to do this. Our email still needs tweaking, but we should be fully functional very soon.

New project nearing completion Jun. 30th, 2007 @ 04:26 pm
Here's a wolf head that we made for a client's extensive project (The rest of it hasn't been photographed yet). Enjoy!

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Update Jun. 25th, 2007 @ 10:28 pm
Okay, it seems the server is being buggy again and is down. For the time being, please forward all emails and inquiries to primalvds [AT] gmail {DOT} com. The web guy is working on a new server, but he's on the road traveling, so please have patience. Thanks!

Another Fox! Jun. 10th, 2007 @ 07:22 pm
Wow, we just can't seem to make enough of these. ;)
Clicky on the new fox to see a small gallery of images.

This one is a little more mean looking than many of the others.

Stay tuned for a timberwolf and other things coming soon!
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Some changes to Primal Visions May. 9th, 2007 @ 11:02 am
Hi there

I just wanted to update with some small changes to the company.

We have been a bit lapse updating the website recently as we have been extremely busy!

We are doing a lot more work for tv, film and commercials, and as such we really do not have as much time for the individual commissions that we were taking before.
We have changed our pricing structure to something more realistic to the field that we focus on, and to reflect some of the higher prices of the materials that we use to create our own unique blend of masks and costumes to industry standards and beyond. Much as we will still take individual commissions, we are probably now priced to a level that makes this less of a reality for many, but better reflects the quality and the time that goes into making them.

How will this affect me?

Those who have asked for a commission and have paid a deposit or paid in full are unaffected by these changes. We will continue on your project as before.
Those who have asked for a commission and have paid a deposit or paid in full on an item as a part of a larger order - the current part is unaffected but the rest of the costume is negotiable.
Those who have asked for a commission, set a start date but have not set down a deposit - prices are negotiable.
Those asking for a new commission, will be affected by the new pricing structure.

There are still many hobbiests and smaller mascot companies out there who will make you a costume for the lower budget, and who do some nice work.

Thanks for you time, and good luck with your costumes.
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Other entries
» My Monday
Well, yesterday was pretty interesting. I dropped four masks off at a movie shoot in downtown San Francisco, then watched while they shot the earlier scenes. I helped the guys get into costume, then headed out to shoot number 2 (which was a completely different company) to pick up some stuff and look at some of the shots.

Shoot 1 had the big location and lots of actors and extras.
It was some kind of full length post-apocalypse movie. My main contact was producing it and starring in it. I met a guy from Liverpool (who they all thought was a cockney - ha!) and made a few friends and contacts for the company. They all seemed really impressed by the masks. The critters were supposed to be in background crowd shots, however two of them ended up right by the actors in the big "party" scene, through a good chunk of filming and dialogue, so looks like they'll be in it quite prominently.

Shoot 2 was the one which is really exciting though - the werefox piece.
I got to see some of the fox footage - foreground fox on green screen, and the landscape that they are going to superimpose it on. The piece is really cool, all odd angles and distorted perspectives. I'm really looking forward to it. They have promised to send me some production images.

Oh, and got some good news on a music video, though not the one I originally mentioned. This one will give us more time to work, and is a bigger name artist. ;)
More to follow.....

- Red
» Server MIA
Okay, It looks like our server has gone down due to major hardware problems. It will not be up for at least a week. Please forward all Primal Visions emails to primalvds@gmail.com.
» Website outage
Just a quick FYI: Our website (http://www.primalvisions.com) and our email, is down. Please be patient, we have someone trying to figure out what happened. So, if you emailed us any time between Friday, March 9 and now, we might not have received it. When the webpage comes back up, you can email us again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

-Primal Visions Staff
» Hanes Beefy T
Sorry for the lack of updates, we've been extremely busy on a big gig for the Hanes T-Shirt company.

Here are some of the pictures from us as we completed them. I may post some construction pictures later.
Introducing Primal Vision's Bull-Kitty and Bull-Ducky:

The rest under this cutCollapse )

These are the pictures sent to me from the actual trade show:
More Trade Show goodnessCollapse )

Concept art, crew shotCollapse )
» Black Wolf
Here's a new addition to the collection.

A black wolf partial costume.
Much as a real black wolf, the fur is not exclusively black - there are shades of brown and grey in there as well, and even markings if you look closely.
The paw pads provide a grip almost as good as your own fingers. The green eyes were made up especially for him.
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