A wolf and a fox...


This is a new ginger tabby cat commission that I thought I should post here - we've just not had much time to post critters recently, but we're still working hard! That, or recent projects have been the type we cannot show until they air or until they hit the shelves.

This cat has a new kind of eye, new articulated jaw, and other new construction methods that I wanted to try out for certain applications. It all came out very well, and will be available for future mask releases.
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Comic Con

I've been a bit lapse in updating, but we have been working hard and getting projects out there!
Here is our latest piece for Olympian Publishing, a publicity pirate pig (say that three times fast) to coincide with the release of the third issue of the Cursed Pirate Girl comic, by Jeremy Bastian. Go check it out!

The pirate pig is a character from the comic called Kildanny. Below are pictures of him eating one of his handlers (we got through a fair few) and him posing with two of the Steam Punk guys, good friends of mine.

My thanks go out to the Comic Con PV team for making it all happen:
Greg, Chris, Andre, Kay and Kara.

We are currently in discussion with the same publishing firm to bring about another critter, watch this space!
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Ethiopian Wolf

Just finished this guy:

Full wolf costume made from stretch fur, incredibly figure hugging. Parts of it were a joy to work with, others incredibly painstaking. It reacts differently to normal, non stretch acrylic fur in almost every way, definitely a learning curve.
We just shipped him off to be a dance performance costume in Chicago.

Do you like my Ethiopian watering hole? ;)
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Ok, I've been real slow updating this community. Plus the website needs a total revamp, but I haven't had the time to get to it as yet.

Anyway, this is one of the rarer, more toony style costumes that we completed sometime back in January. Kudos to tugrik for the photo. The head is a latex face over cast foam, and the body is fleece. I'd been meaning to find a decent use for that feather fur for a while now...


If you're confused, an archaeopteryx is a dino-bird. A link to more information than I can muster energy to find is HERE.
...although I used the colour scheme more from my own head and loosely based on this critter HERE.
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Lion Quadruped Costume

We've been working on a realistic lion quadruped costume for the last month or so along with other current projects.
Thanks to some friends in the biz with a studio, we got to grab some photos of the lion today. We even got use of our very own lighting technician. Thanks to gatcat for being a fantastic photographer as always, and to kigeni for dressing up for hours on end and for being very tolerant whilst made to pose in all kinds of odd positions. ;)

Here's one to whet your appetite:
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Presenting........ a rabbit!

There is so much we don't post here, I'll try and get more updates sorted out for the future, but right now let me introduce you to the newest critter to come out of the studio:

A fine rabbit for one of our returning customers. This person now owns three of our masks. This handsome lagomorph is a brand new design, featuring a few new little tricks that we have not put on any mask previously.
Firstly, can you believe that he can actually see out of those eyes? No tricks, nor or use of tear ducts for vision, the mask has really great visibility. The eyes are based on a design provided to us by the client. They are much more stylised/cartoony than most of our work, but we can cater to a lot of styles. We kept the rest of the face somewhat realistic, apart from the mouth.

Secondly - he has removable ears for easy storage:

This guy performs his characters between the States and the UK, and it was important for him that the mask be easy to travel with and fit in a case.

The rabbit will be a full costume one of these days, but for now we have loaned him a pirate coat for a few snapshots before he goes home this weekend.

Stay tuned for a troll, an ethiopian wolf, an archaeopteryx and a clan of hyenas, amongst others.

And thanks to gatcat for the pictures and for doing a good deal of work on this mask.

A wolf and a fox...

Lynx in the Snow

Well, a few of us were up holidaying over Christmas in a rustic-ish cabin up at Lake Tahoe.

I took the lynx costume as I wanted to get a good few shots of her in a snowy environment to show the guys I'm working with on the movie project. Just in case they needed some early shots of her. I'll be sending them a better selection some time soon when I've sized all the previews.

But here are four nice shots to whet your appetite! I think costumes in a real place look so much better than those against a backdrop!

Peeking from behind the trees
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I'll see if I can post more later. We have a load from this shoot.
Do you think anyone would buy photographs of this nature as prints if offered?
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My Movie

Music Video.

Cross posted to my journal specialeffects and primalvisions

So, I try to post pictures of costumes that I do as often as I can in my own and my company journals, but I never really post any of my side/solo work which does not directly concern the company.
I thought i'd take a moment to show you a music video I did a little while back.

The crew was just myself and a guy called Daren, (a local FX guy, most known for working on Life Aquatic.. really nice chap). We also had a gal makeup volenteer doing some work to keep the actors happy and refreshed, and also to apply some traditional beauty makeup and learn some stuff from us.

The music video was for "MURS & 9th Wonder" And was titled "Murry's Revenge".

The video can be seen below:

It was based off the old Nintendo game "Mike Tysons Punch Out". A list of some of the boxer characters can be found HERE

We worked on the followng characters (basically all characters requiring makeup):
Bling Hippo
Baller Bull
Sorta Popinski
Mic Tyson

You will see their game counterparts if you look up the Wiki entry I linked to above.

I worked a lot on all 4 pieces, but almost exclusively on Baller Bull and Mic Tyson. Tyson was really pretty damn good if I do say so myself under the constraints we faced... the guy looked nothing like him. I did him last minute on set during filming in about 1-2hrs with some basic tools and face putty.

All three of us put in a lot of hard work, and the video is pretty cool. All done in... a day I think it was. Well, one day of prep in the studio, one day of on site application, sculpting from scratch and filming. Busy busy. I don't remember if we went back the following day, but I don't think we did.

I learnt a few things. Firstly.. i'd never used the putty before, although it worked exactly the way I had expected it to. It was a budget shoot and we wanted to do it cheap and quick - but I think i'd have done it different had it been my choice (this one was Daren's call). Very heavy on the actor's faces and had a habit of melting under the lights. However it did the job, and was something we could just wing on set if needed. I'll definately be carrying some in my kit for future works... just not so much. ;)

I also have a commercial and some film projects I need to post when I have time. But for now I hope you enjoy this!
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New Costume!

So, we've got a new mask out. Something thats not a bear or a canine. Go us! ;)

This sheep is on his way to the UK shortly where he will become a specific Victorian Gentleman - in sheep form! However for our photographic costuming purposes, he's a bit medieval.
I'll update the pictures when the client sends us the full costumed shots.

Sheep gesture
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We also have other costumes we have as yet to post, including:

The spotty cats (icon)
Two full werewolf costumes
Another fox mask
A cartoony bear mask
A realistic cat mask
And probably others i'm forgetting.

Stay Tuned!
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Another Fox!

Wow, we just can't seem to make enough of these. ;)
Clicky on the new fox to see a small gallery of images.

This one is a little more mean looking than many of the others.

Stay tuned for a timberwolf and other things coming soon!
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